Photos Of Outdoor Entertainment Aboard A Cruise Liner

Cruise Ship Swimming Pool - Copyrighted
Cruise ship swimming pool.

  Welcome to The Palm Beach Princess Unoffical Guide's Cruise Ship Pool, Bar & Lifeboat Pictures web page.  Thank you for visiting.

  This page highlights the outdoor recreation facilities available to passengers on the Palm Beach Princess casino cruise ship.

  This page is one of several picture pages that provide a virtual tour of the Palm Beach Princess gambling cruise ship.  If you would like to start from the beginning, click here

  Current cruise schedules and pricing information can be found on the official Palm Beach Princess web site.  Click here to visit the the official Palm Beach Princess web site.

Note:  This page contains several high resolution, large size photographs.  As such this these  pictures may take extra time to download, especially with a dial-up internet connection.  If some pictures are missing, click your browser's "Refresh" button.

Cruise Ship Underway - Copyrighted
   The Palm Beach Princess as she heads out to sea via the Palm Beach Inlet (Lake Worth Inlet.) 
   This picture was taken from Peanut Island looking to the south (towards Palm Beach.

Swimming Pool Net - Copyrighted
   The swimming pool is found in the very back of the ship. 
   When the swimming pool is not open, it is drained and a safety net is installed.

Saltwater Swimming Pool - Copyrighted
   Once at sea, pumps fill the swimming pool with saltwater from the ocean.

Cruise Ship Deck - Copyrighted
   The lowest outdoor deck provides space for a stroll.  It also features benches on which to sit.

Life Boat - Copyrighted
   Picture of a large steel cruise ship lifeboat.

Lifeboat - Copyrighted
   Looking down on the seating area of a cruise ship lifeboatClick here to learn more about cruise ship lifeboats.

Cruise Ship Bar - Copyrighted
   Picture of the outdoor bar found on the rear of the Palm Beach Princess.  Note the band playing above the bar.

Bartender - Copyrighted
   A bartender pours a drink at the outside bar on the Palm Beach Princess.

Blue Water - Caribbean - Copyrighted
   While floating 3 miles off Palm Beach the ocean water can be beautiful.  The gulf stream moves brilliant blue water Caribbean water through the area.

  It's time to head back into the ship for a meal, a show and a little time in the casinoClick here to continue our virtual tour.

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  If you need to know the latest Palm Beach Princess sailing schedules and fares,
click here to visit the official Palm Beach Princess web site.

Thank you for visiting The Palm Beach Princess Unoffical Guide.

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